Hosting Services

It is impossible to visit a website without a proper hosting. But with Aadi IT services it becomes easy for you. You just have to get your domain name and you are all ready to see your website coming to life.

But first, make sure what you really want. If you already have a website designed, you just have to register your domain name. Our web hosting services will help you with it.

If you don’t have a website, we will make one for you. Our team of professionals is here at your service 24/7. Constant efforts of our experts will make you believe that our paid hosting services had been worth a shot.

How can we serve you?

Shared Hosting

Do you want to approach a less expensive way of hosting services? Are you ready to get your website shared with others over the same web server? Then this one is for you. We provide cheaper and most effective sharing host services over the internet.

Reseller Hosting

Do you want to become a host yourself? Are you ready to resell the hosting space to your clients? You bet this will be the one for you. We provide technical support, billing software and other services.

Dedicated Hosting

Do you have a technical team and big growing business? Do you want to rent a separate physical server that won’t get your website slow down? This is perfect tool for you. With dedicated hosting, you don’t have to worry about others taking up your space in shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Do you want the advantages of dedicated hosting services without all the troubles it brings? Do you want to upgrade from shared hosting service to something that can handle higher traffic rates? This one is perfect for you. Cloud hosting service is the newest and effective technology for websites that have the outgrown resources from shared hosting services. Our professionals will make it easy for your website to float well over the clouds of internet.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Aadi IT services provide you with the top VPS that is indeed cheaper than the dedicated hosting. In this you can have a virtual space of your own, but your website will still share the same hardware with other websites.