PPC Services

Now you can have more sales with highly efficient PPC management tools at Aadi IT Services!

If you have seen advertisements alongside the search results on Google and similar engines, you are familiar with PPC advertising. PPC, pay-per-click, is an online advertising tool that advertisers use for the promotion of their goods or services. They have to pay every time the user clicks on the displayed ads.

How can we help you with pay per click advertising?

  • You can measure the results.
  • Only interested customers will make you pay.
  • A New Business.
  • You can reach the right audience.
  • Many will recognition your brand.

Our Services

Search Advertising

Search advertising is one of the vital aspects of the marketing methodology and pay per click advertising where we will help you in boosting your business.

Display Advertising

Digital marketing has altered the world of online marketing system where the power is in the hands of marketers. The result is the immense reach they get for their website and we can do the same for you.


Remarketing is the best tool if you need users to visit your website again through our PPC agency.

Social Media Marketing

Using our social media advertising service, you can get higher engagement and better reach of the audience to your website.

Google Shopping Advertisement

If you own a marketing organization that is retail, Google shopping advertisement s best tool for you since you can sell products by creating campaigns and posting ads.

Mobile Advertising

The increase of usage in smart phones has led to the intense growth of marketing business. At Aadi IT services, we will give you various approaches to fulfill your mobile marketing goals

Our Campaign Strategy

  • Recommendation of the keyword.
  • Creation of the text ads.
  • Landing pages optimization.
  • Management of bidding process.
  • Tracking of calls, conversations, sales etc.
  • Best reporting and monitoring services.
  • 24/7 customer care service.

Why Aadi IT Services?

You shouldn’t ignore PPC marketing. PPC campaign management can help you grow your business to a level higher than expected. Our aim is to offer you the best service possible in PPC campaign so that you may achieve height of success.