Product Listing Advertising Services

Product listing ads are cost per click (CPC) ads that usually appear on the Google search pages. Commonly called as Google shopping ads campaign, it is an efficient way to drive the sales of your brand or product. From fining relevant keywords for the product the advertiser bids on to enabling your product to get noticed easily, Product listing ads can be real helpful.

How does it work?


We will help you in the creation of optimized ad that will cover a lot of ground including product image, and price. All you must do is to set goal, don’t just jump in and try it out. The ads that need to be posted will be creative in all aspects. Designed by our team of experts, they will create brand awareness and attract the website visitors to click on them at least once. Thus, you will drive more sales.

Bidding on products

Bidding can be complex if you have got no help. But we are here to help you bid your first campaign. After we successfully post the product ads, the next step is to increasing the bids and make sure that your product ads appear attractive enough. With our tested methodologies, your product will definitely get noticed.


Our service will help you in seeing the live reports of your bids. If your product doesn’t get any impressions or clicks, we will change the feed and make it more alluring. Our team of experts and technicians assure to provide Google with clear data since feed is all that matters if you want your product to get noticed.

Why Aadi IT Services?

Our aim is to provide you services that match the level of expectations. We will even help you with the feed of your product as well as pricing details. Product listing advertising India might differ from the services offered in the abroad, but we are trying our best to fulfill the needs of everyone. In fact, Aadi IT service is all you need for your brand recognition with respect to digital services since we will do all the work.