API Testing Services

Multiple project failures have been noticed by people happens mainly because of late defect discovery. When the defect leakage percentage becomes high, the results of it always dissatisfy the customers.

Our API testing tools can help you to solve the failure and defect leakage problems by repeating the procedure of tests to obtain the perfect software. Aadi IT services make sure that the software used by clients would run smoothly on their respective systems. We have a team of experienced experts who specialize in handling automation tools, manual tools, and web service testing tool as well as postman testing tool.

Our Services

Automation Testing

We know, how important it is for you to be free from troubles since there will be systems that can try to be integrated with the application that you have. That’s why we offer complete testing of integration for both mobile and web projects.


We have multiple strategies to make sure the testing of validation of inputs, HTTP codes, Output encodes, security scenarios are done efficiently.

REST Testing

Since few years, REST has become integral part of applications and programs. And it is, however, important to see if the interface of REST API is in a better working condition and provides good results. We ensure that the APIs are to be tested efficiently and frequently so that you receive best working product.

Unit Testing

Our unit testing tool can help you with the multi-layered software and to get you proper delivery and integration.

Load Testing

Our website performance test can help you to have multiple combined benefits such as web applications and REST testing. We will ensure that your production deployment can yield better output.

Data Creation Test

Data is the most important feature of an application program and it is vital to have it well tested beforehand. Our automated tests of data creation will help you to achieve useful information for best testing that can get your product the required boost.

Why US?

Aadi IT Services have had been existing to help organizations or individuals like you, who will enjoy the benefits of our low cost but highly efficient services. We offer skilled professionals as well as effective tools that help in increasing client satisfaction. We excel in application performance testing, web automation testing, REST API testing, automation testing, manual testing and many others, including postman web service testing as well.