Load Testing Services

The functioning of an application or a website determines the effectiveness of that particular business. To ensure this, we provide you with testing services that checks the load on your website or software.

We aim to provide the information on the usage of the particular application before it deploys. You will know about the accuracy of your website or software.

The number of users is sure at the increase at some point, we check if there are any obstacles that can affect the performance of the software while many users are using the application.

At Aadi IT services, we use the load testing system to check if the software is capable to handle the load. We make sure to see the data shouldn’t be compromised when the users increase. And finally, we see the response time the system takes while in the load condition.These and other services we provide are explained in the detailed section below.

Our Services

  • The User Load: Just like in performance testing, we see if the application is working efficiently in certain situations in real-time. Our main objective is to see the number of maximum users that the software can efficiently handle without creating any roadblocks in using it with ease.
  • Response Criteria: Sometimes it takes ages to receive a certain response from the other side. This can cause frustration in users. The load testing tools we provide can help in testing the time taken for the transformation of data from one node to another.
  • Workload Model: We create a model for determination of the workload and certain characteristics of the product. In short, we check if the user is satisfied with the working of the particular application.
  • The Speed:Internet speed matters the most when it comes to website and application performance. We test the performance level of the application on slow as well as the high-speed internet to check the efficiency of the product.
  • Performance Goal and Throughput: Every system has some login system to achieve a desirable goal. But with no end users, the performance is based on throughput. At Aadi IT services, we try to evaluate the throughput system for you to have a better user satisfaction.