ETL Testing Services

Oftentimes, many people or firms use SQL scripting the spreadsheet information tracking technique to have ETL testing in today’s date. Since these approaches are time consuming, and prone to errors, there is a need to have variety of automated or technical approach to deal with ETL testing services.

ETL testing is such an amazing automated tool that increases the development and production of your company by accelerating the testing speed of your product. If you have no programming skills, and no time as well, our efficient and low budget services will be proved to be a better than any other services out there.

Our Services

Validation of Production

When the data moves to the system of production, we perform this testing mechanism. We use several ETL tools and see if the data is in the right order. It would be useless to have unordered list since it will destroy the entire transfer process. Our aim is to ensure that the system goes on without any distractions.

Metadata Testing

In ETL, a metadata is very important since it contains information about source, mappings, transformations or targets. One of our ETL automation testing tools is metadata testing aims to give best results by involving data type testing, data length, index check etc. it allows you to have a control over you information that is important for your organization.

Transformation of data

Just one SQL query is not enough to have the transformation test; it needs multiple testing systems that yield higher approach to the performance of products. At Aadi IT services we aim to verify the rules of transformation by using the methodology of using multiple queries.

Benefits of choosing our ETL testing services

  • Aadi IT services experts are experienced in this field and aim to give you lasting results by focusing on customer satisfaction.
  • We ensure that the trusted data will be delivered to you for your production and system updates.
  • We help you with gaining higher growth of your organization by lowering the risks of failure.
  • You don’t have to spend your quality time in ETL testing since we will do it in no time.